Sunday, 8 April 2018

New Segment! The Road to Comic-Con!

What's this, something new? I know, right?

Let's start from the top. There was an announcement not too long ago that there is going to be a new con happening in September close to us! So naturally, we got excited and me and the kids had costumes planned pretty much the next day. So I thought maybe as a neat segment we can go through the process together of getting everything ready. It'll probably be a bit irregular, as I will work on costumes when I have time and as I get the materials together but should be something fun and different. Today we're just going to do introductions to the costumes I'll be making.

We are doing a Diablo III group, as this is a game that we have all being playing quite heavily. I've been a longtime player of the series and the kids have gotten into it with the third installment. It was actually the Elder Spawn's idea, as he came up with his costume first and it just sort of blossomed from there. So without further adieu, our choices are:

Me: Female Barbarian. I have wanted this as a character option since the first game and third time was the charm! You're damn rights I'm gonna cosplay her. Lady Barb was the first character I made when I bought the game and she's still my favorite.

this is my actual character

Elder Spawn: Treasure Goblin. The kids are obsessed with these little buggers! As soon as they hear them or spot them on the map everything else is on hold until they find them.

cute lil guy

Younger Spawn: Leah. I told the small one that a comfortable costume would probably be best for her and she opted for one of her favorite NPC's. She would have had Leah as a full companion, I think, rather than an occasional one.

she's no stranger to armor, but this might be better for a con

So there you have it! Look for new posts over the next few months as we start to build! I'll be sure to update our progress as often as possible as we wade through a flurry of foam, glue, paint, and (hopefully) not too much stress!

Friday, 23 March 2018

10 Reasons You Should Be Listening to Firepower!

Hey everyone, something a little different today. I wanted to review the new Judas Priest album, Firepower, but I’m not very good at doing music reviews. I just don’t have the technical knowledge of how music is made to really talk about it the same way I’d talk about aspects of a movie. So, after a brilliant suggestion from the other half, let’s instead look at ten reasons that you should be listening to Firepower! No spoilers, I guess? 

1. Firepower opens like all good metal albums should: with a scream. And not just any scream, but one from the Metal God himself. And as you’re listening to the song, listen to those drums. Can you hear the Painkiller in it?  

2. Spectre feels like the spiritual successor of The Ripper. Scratch that, more like a direct descendant.  

3. If you want ‘classic’ Priest, this album is chock full of it. Does it matter if a song sounds more of an Angel of Retribution vintage or a Painkiller one, or any one of the band’s 17 other outings besides this one? No, it doesn’t because it all sounds awesome. And while it sounds like ‘classic’ Priest, what it doesn’t sound is dated. Or lazy, like they’re just resting on their name and their history. As the title implies, there’s fire in this album.  

4. In the fine tradition of the instrumental intro-ing the next song let’s welcome the newest member of that group: Guardians/Rising From Ruins. You’re in good company. It’s right up there with Battle Hymn/One Shot at Glory (let’s be real, I don’t think we will ever top The Hellion/Electric Eye). 

even without the giant robot stage

5. Speaking of Rising From Ruins, this is definitely my favorite track. It’s one of those big, heavy, epic songs that I love so much. The kind of song you could pick up a sword and shield and fight to. Sorry, my power metal’s showing there. 


6. Sea of Red is an absolutely beautiful song. I have the biggest weakness for Priest ‘ballads’, especially when they turn on the crunch partway through. 

7. There isn’t a single ‘bad’ or ‘filler’ song on this album. With the way I listen to music, usually as a background to other things I’m doing, (in fact, I’m listening to it as I write) if there are filler songs or ones that run together, I usually pick up on that pretty quickly. 

8. After nearly fifty years as a band, how many groups could still muster as much fire and passion on a new album? Bands much younger have lost that spark and become rote, and others have outright retired. Priest just, at ages ranging from late fifties to seventy (except for Richie Faulkner, at the ‘tender age’ of thirty-eight), just put out an album that’s being compared, and favorably, to one of their best albums that is approaching thirty years old itself. This is in addition to guitarist Glenn Tipton’s recent disclosure of his battle with Parkinson’s disease. 

9. Okay, not the music itself, but have you seen that album art? That’s a cover that would look absolutely perfect displayed alongside the iconic Defenders of the Faith, Screaming for Vengeance, Turbo, or Painkiller. It has that exact vibe.         

like this.

10. And the final reason? It got the stamp of approval from our four-year-old. This is a kid who will give me grief from the backseat (or the other room) if the music in the car/house isn’t heavy enough for her taste, who had already been to two metal concerts in her life,Necromancer, for the record. Although that may be all the Diablo 3 we’ve been playing. 

Who put our 'Reaper of Souls' the same year as 'Redeemer of Souls'. Guess how often I still mix up the two?

So there you have it, ten reasons to listen to Judas Priest’s new album. What more do you need me to say? Go listen to Firepower!